Make a Difference

A sampling of projects and initiatives that we and our member groups are working on:

  • Finding ways to reduce and improve the efficiency of fliering on campus
  • Decreasing food and associated waste at campus dining locations
  • Composting food waste from Lerner dining locations; catering.
  • Developing green and labor-friendly purchasing standards
  • Continue to integrate environmental awareness programming into the New Student Orientation Program
  • Create a Revolving Loan Fund and explore Green funding options on Columbia’s campus

And here are a couple of things we would like to do in the future:

  • Perform an after-hours lighting survey to determine areas and specific buildings on campus where electricity is wasted in order to reduce Columbia’s carbon footprint.
  • Standardize a way through which Columbia students can buy and sell their used textbooks to each other
  • Get the College Walk Christmas lights installed as LEDs
  • Reduce the presence of bottled water on campus

If you have an idea for something you would like to see changed on campus, and/or if any of these current or future projects sound interesting to you, send us your thoughts at!

Otherwise, among the best ways to get involved is to check out some of the Umbrella’s organizations – just visit the Our Members page to see a list of groups with their website (when applicable) and contact info.

Aside from campus and community projects, there is also a great deal that individuals can do to lead more environmentally sustainable lives. We have provided a series of easy-to-follow steps that you can take where even the smallest changes can make a big difference!

Click here to get started.


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