Green Umbrella is a network of Columbia student groups dedicated to sustainability on campus and beyond. The GU Coordination Team seeks to encourage collaboration, cooperation, and communication among student groups as well as between students and the Columbia administration.

Our member organizations include:


Engineers without Borders

  • General Contact:
  • President: Sonal Bothra
  • Secretary: Bethany Schneider



  • General Contact:
  • Submissions:


CU Food Sustainability Project

  • Coordinator: Kristina Gsell
  • Grant House Leaders: Gracie Greenberg and Andrew Kim



  • General Contact:


Delta Growth and Development Project

  • General Contact:


Students for Environmental and Economic Justice

  • General Contact:


Barnard EcoReps

  • General Contact:
  • Coordinator: Caroline Moore


Columbia EcoReps

  • Inner Coordinator: Aida Conroy (aac2153 (at)
  • Outer Coordinator: Louis Smith (lcsmith108 (at)
  • General Contact:


Earth Coalition

  • General Contact:
  • Coordinators:

Raquel Villagra

Adele Druck

Danielle Aronowitz


Union Theological Seminary Ecology Caucus

  • Coordinator: Elizabeth Bukey


CU Renewable Energy Society



  • General contact:


Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society

  • Coordinator: Sheldon Kwok


Columbia Global Brigades

  • Coordinator: Wen Liu


Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Society

  • General Contact:


Asian Pacific Affairs Council’s Green Dragon

  • General Contact:


Students for Environmental Action at the Mailman School

  • Coordinator: Helen (Haining) Yu


To give credit where it is due

Our header image is Inviting Forest by Flickr user kmkuehler. Thanks!

Our design is by Zack Sheppard, who also helps us out from time to time with the technology behind this site. Thanks!




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