Columbia Food Sustainability Project

Greetings Green Umbrella Family,

I hope you all have settled in nicely to your internships/jobs and if you’re not working MORE POWER TO YOU. The first post of the summer is to alert the community about the Garden Club on campus. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a boss garden in Pupin Plaza, surrounded by Pupin, NoCo, and the gym. The Garden Club’s president is Kristina Gsell (SEAS, 2012) and she would love for you all to join the following event:

Join the Columbia Food Sustainability Project for a group work session on Tuesday (7/12/11) from 5-8pm, and we will be joined by High School students from the Double Discovery Center at Columbia from 6-7pm. During this period there will probably be more explanation than usual, but it is a great opportunity for everyone who is a bit new at this to learn about what is growing and how to care for all the plants.

CUFSP Members (from left): Michie, Ari, Krissy

Kristina can be reached at if there are any questions about how to get involved, or any information you may need about the Garden Club.  Also, stay tuned for more garden work days and info!!

Peace, Love, Sustainability. xoxox