Opportunities with Environment New York

I ran into a couple of Grassroots activists the other day from a very cool group called Environment New York, which is a relatively new branch of a wider effort called Environment America.  They are primarily working on lobbying congress through grassroots support on the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill nationally, and will eventually start similar environmental lobbying in Albany.

A few excerpts from their pamphlet:

“Raising a voice”: When a coal-fired plant adds tons of pollution to our air, causing asthma attacks and contributing to global warming, when a big developer threatens to transform farmland into condos, when a company routinely pollutes our waterways, who will speak up and take action?  Being an Environment New York member means raising your voice, along with thousands of others, in defense of our environment.

“Being there when it counts”: Decision makers hear plenty from the utilities, the big developers and other powerful interests.  Through your membership support and online action, Environment NY is there to counter their influence and tip the balance in favor of public health and our environment.

“Opening paths to progress”: Pristine forests and other open spaces preserved for generations to come.  Less smog, mercury and global warming pollution thanks to tough new laws.  Polluters forced by our lawsuits to clean up.  Increased solar and clean wind power thanks to renewable energy standards.  Being an Environment NY member means making a difference, one victory at a time.

The gentleman I spoke with also said that they are practically always hiring, with internships (for credit) and part-time (paid) job opportunities available to interested students during the year.  Of course, they are more than happy to receive any donations and are supported only by contributions from people like you and me.

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